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The Zaphod PCB is the brains (plural) of the Zaphod keyboard.


  • Onboard wireless controller, supporting USB and wireless (BLE 5) connectivity
  • Fully assembled, except for switches and the spring header for the optional display
  • Opinionated layout, featuring 34-keys using an aggressive column stagger and comfortable angle between the two "halves"
  • Supports optional central display used to show connection status, battery charge information, and active layer state
  • Kailh Choc v1 switch support (NOT MX or Choc V2 compatible) with choc spacing (17mm x 18mm)
  • Available in black or purple
  • Runs ZMK Firmware

Battery Cutout Notice

The production Zaphod PCBs have been altered from the current photos to include a rectangular cutout space, allowing for a thicker battery. The battery will rest on the case below and still be covered by the display over top of it. Doing so allows for double the battery life, but makes running Zaphod as a bare PCB without a case require something to keep the battery in place.

Low Power Display

Note:The Zaphod display is sold as as as a separate kit. If you want the display, be sure to purchase the Zaphod Display Kit as well.

Kit Contents

  • Zaphod PCB (components included and pre-assembled)
  • 6 bumpons

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