Zaphod Battery

$7.50 USD
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Often, custom wireless mechanical keyboard builders are left to fend for themselves to acquire batteries, frequently sourcing from AliExpress with mixed results.

As part of the Zaphod GB, we're doing a group buy within a group buy: Assuming we met MOQ, we will also be able to offer a quality, made to spec battery to be delivered along with the rest of the GB items.

Technical Details

  • Lithium-Polymer
  • 702025 size
  • 300mAh capacity
  • JST PH plug

Group Buy Details

The Zaphod Battery is only available for purchase by US buyers, due to shipping concerns when shipping out of country. There will be a MOQ of 30 batteries. If MOQ fails to be met, buyers will be refunded at the close of the GB.

Kit Contents

  • One Battery

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