Zaphod Acrylic Case

$35.00-$85.00 USD
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The Zaphod acrylic plate case is a minimalist, but functional case, that has the advantage of covering the top surface mounted components to add an extra layer of protection to your keyboard.

A wide variety of acrylic colors are available, including transparent or semi-transparent, to allow showing off the Zaphod PCB itself.

The cases are produced by P3DStore using 3mm acrylic.

Acrylic Selection

Acrylic color selection affects the case price, and some colors are a significant additional charge, so please check your selection before continuing. You can see photos of the color options at P3DStore's In Stock Acrylic Color Options page.

Kit Contents

  • Base Plate
  • Left & Right Switch Plates
  • Center Overlay Plate
  • Assembly Hardware

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