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Vell, Zaphod's just zis guy, you know?

—Gag Halfrunt, H2G2

Zaphod is the perfect device to accompany the galactic traveler! Inspired by the Ferris split keyboard, Zaphod features the same aggressive column stagger and key count, integrated into a "split unibody" with an onboard wireless controller and sporting an optional display.


  • Wireless (BLE) and USB keyboard operation
  • Opinionated layout, featuring 34 low profile keys using an aggressive column stagger and comfortable angle between the two "halves"
  • Optional central display used to show connection status, battery charge information, and active layer state
  • Runs ZMK Firmware (NOT compatible with QMK)

Want to give Zaphod a try before buying? Download the US Letter or A4 layout tester, print it, and give the layout a try on your desk!

Additional Kits

The following additional kits can be purchased along with the bare PCB to get a complete keyboard:

Display Kit

The optional display kit will include everything needed to get the display working with Zaphod, including the display, standoffs, and a 5-pin spring loaded header (pogo pins) that allows the display to be added and removed without any soldering. This elegant solution allows for easy access to the battery compartment below.

Case Options

The Zaphod GB includes two options for cases: an acrylic plate case, and a 3d printed shelf case. For the US GB purchases, both cases will be produced by P3DStore, then bundled with the remaining GB items to be delivered together. For EU buyers, the same cases will be produced by 42. Keebs.


Users looking to purchase quality batteries directly with the Zaphod can purchase the Zaphod Battery kit which includes a high quality, newly manufactured 300mAh 702025 lipo battery with a JST PH connector.

Build Service

Participants looking to receive a fully assembled and ready to use keyboard may choose the Zaphod Build Service, provided by Jeremy Kitchen. Those who opt in to the build service will have their GB orders shipped to Jeremy, assembled, and then shipped to them from there.

Group Buy Details

The Zaphod R1 group buy will be open for one month, and will begin production once closed. A certain quantity of extras will be produced, and be available for sale once the GB purchases are delivered and customers are satisfied with their purchase.

  • Open Date: August 18th
  • Close Date: September 16th
  • Delivery Estimate: 4-8 months
  • EU Proxy: 42. Keebs

Group Buy Notice

Every effort will be made to ship group buy purchases on the schedule above, but keyboard manufacturing, especially during the current chip shortages, still has the potential to face schedule setbacks. Regular updates will be posted to the LPK Discord regarding progress on the project.

Technical Details

  • Onboard nRF52840 wireless SoC (64 MHz Cortex-M4 with FPU, 1 MB Flash, 256 KB RAM)
  • Kailh Choc V1 switches (NOT MX switch compatible) using 'choc spacing' (17mm x 18mm)
  • Ultra low power Sharp Memory Display (168x144 resolution)
  • Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) Battery (100mA charge rate) with space for a 300mAh 702025 battery. JST PH connector or bare wire batteries may be used
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