Zaphod Group Buy October Update #2

Production of the Zaphod group buy continues at a steady pace. Lots of status updates on the many aspects of getting this delivered!


The PCBs are fully assembled, and have already shipped from Elecrow to me. The current DHL estimate for delivery is Nov. 1st. That being said, I haven't been contacted by customs yet about this shipment, so there are potential delays on the horizon to deal with customs clearance.

Purple PCB

I've also received the bumpons that will be shipped with the PCB, to be used with either case or a bare PCB.


After an initial sample photo of the actual batteries revealed a polairty mismatch, the battery manufacturer promptly rectified the problem, and the batteries have shipped, and are on their way. The current estimate is another 10 days to delivery.


The cases have arrived from P3DStore, and they look great! I've also received the heat set inserts for the 3dp cases, so will begin working on getting those installed to complete those cases. The acrylic cases are waiting on mounting hardware that is still en route.

Case Teaser

Display Kits

The Adafruit Sharp Memory Display modules have arrived, and I have fully tested every unit, and recieved 100% fully functioning displays. I've also received all the mounting hardware and pogo pins, and so can being kitting the hardware to complete this prep for these kits.


The one minor ZMK display refactor that was necessary for the sharp display layout/size has been merged into ZMK. In addition, the merge blocker for boards/shields has been resolved with some metadata work, which paves the way for getting Zaphod submitted for inclusion in the upstream ZMK repository. My hope is to have this merged before the GB ships.


So far, there have only been minor speed bumps in the production of the Zaphod group buy (knock on wood!). We're a bit over a month in to the manufacturing phase, with many of the items making solid progress. I'm feeling very confident that the 4-8 month original delivery estimate will be hit. Once I have actually received and verified the various items that are still not physically delivered, I'll have a much better sense of the specific timeframe for delivery.

Also, receipt of goods is just one more step in the process of delivering Zaphod; there is still PCB testing/QC, kitting, packaging, and shipping left, which will take time.

Keep checking the blog here, or the Discord channel for further updates!


Zaphod Group Buy October Update

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