Zaphod Group Buy October Update

Production of the Zaphod group buy is in full swing! Here is the first of many updates to inform everyone on how things are going with fulfilling the GB orders.

National Holiday In China

October 1st through 7th is a national holiday in China, so most of the updates below capture the state of things before things shut down there for a week.


The BLE modules have been ordered from Holyiot, which is preflashing them for us with the Zaphod bootloader (the thing that makes copy and paste of the ZMK firmware to a "USB drive" work). That means less manual work to prepare and test PCBs when they are delivered to me.

The PCBs themselves are ordered and queued for production with Elecrow. Once assembled, and they have all of the components, including the modules from Holyiot, they will be scheduled for assembly.

Elecrow's quotes on their lead times have in the past been roughly accurate, but with the national holiday, likely their previous lead time estimate will be off by a bit. Once I see the orders actually begin production, I'll have a better sense on the ETA of the PCBs themselves.


After much back and forth on pin polarity, and several photos shared back and forth, I'm confident the battery rep I'm working with has the final details right for the batteries. I've sent over payment, and I've been informed that the lead time to shipping should be 7 days from their return from holiday.


The order for the cases with P3DStore is almost placed. I've gotten the list together and synced w/ P3D on details, but need to 100% verify the files before pulling the trigger to be sure the cases are proper. (In particular, one mounting hole was adjusted by 1mm for the final PCBs for proper symmetry, so double checking everything case wise to be sure there's no discrepancy)

Display Kits

I've ordered the display modules from Adafruit (phew), and will be ordering the mounting hardware shortly. The display modules are due to be delivered Monday, at which point I'll begin testing them all to be sure they are working well.


Thanks again to everyone who joined the GB, and keep checking the blog here, or the Discord channel for further updates!


Zaphod Group Buy October Update #2


Zaphod Group Buy Has Closed

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