Zaphod Group Buy Has Closed

What a amazing turnout for the Zaphod GB! So grateful for everyone who has believed in the project and decided too join.

Group Buy Summary

  • 57 total PCBs ordered between LP Galaxy and 42. Keebs. This is well above the 30-40 unit estimate I had hoped for.
  • Lots of folks opting in to the display kits!
  • Fairly even split of Acrylic and 3DP case orders.

Next Steps

  • In addition to the extras that both LP Galaxy and 42. Keebs will have once the GB is fulfilled, I'm happy to announce that MKUltra has decided to join this round of manufacturing so they can stock the Zaphod in the future! Really happy that Zaphod will continue to be available after this GB run, for anyone who wasn't able to join.
  • The news from MKU is also good news for the LiPo battery kit; despite the GB not quite hitting the MOQ, thanks to the additional orders from MKU for the batteries as well, I'll be able to get those batteries produced.
  • Over the next week, I'll be getting together final numbers, including extras, and start getting going on final quotes, orders for the PCBs, cases, batteries, etc. I plan on publishing updates to both the Discord channel as well as this blog as the GB process continues, to keep everyone in the loop.

Thanks again everyone, I'm excited for this!


Zaphod Group Buy October Update


Zaphod Group Buy Is Live!

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