Zaphod Group Buy Is Live!

I'm happy to announce that the Zaphod Group Buy is live!

This GB is the culmination of months of development, prototypes, revisions, testing, and preparation.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make this possible, including:

  • @pierrec#0083 - for the inspiration with the amazing Ferris keyboard.
  • @Nicell#0001 and @innovaker#3665 - for PCB design review and guidance.
  • @darryldh#9072 - for providing ideas and the first print of the 3dp case for testing.
  • @kitchen#9883, @bomtarnes#0001, @Mango IV.#1838, and @nhongooi#8506 - for beta testing prototypes.


  • Group buy running from 8/18 to 9/17.
  • 42. Keebs is the EU proxy for the GB.
  • US GB cases produced by P3DStore.
  • US GB build service provided by Keyboard Kitchen for those looking for a Zaphod with no soldering required.
  • GB delivery estimated to be 4-8 months from the close of GB.
  • Based on current levels of interest, this is an open GB, with no caps/limits.

Group Buy Links


Zaphod Group Buy Has Closed


Zaphod Group Buy soon!

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