Zaphod Group Buy soon!

One final update before the GB opens.

Barring any unforeseen problems, the GB will open 8/18 and close 9/16.

The final kits prices for the main US sale are:

  • Black/Purple PCB - fully assembled except switches and display pins ($60/$63)
  • Acrylic Case ($35 and up, depending on acrylic color selection)
  • 3DP Case ($35, $45 if selecting carbon fiber filament)
  • Display Kit incl. all necessary hardware and pogo pins ($37)
  • 702025 LiPo Battery with 300mAh capacity ($7.50)
  • Build Service, including cost of switches ($37/$40 depending on selected switches)

The 42. Keebs EU proxy will be keeping the GB open the same duration, with prices incorporating VAT, etc. so check there once the GB opens for specifics.

I'm giving what I hope is a very conservative estimate of 4-8 months for completion from the date of closing the GB, given the uncertainties of manufacturing right now. My hope is that ones all orders are placed with the various manufacturers/vendors, I will be able to update participants with more details and updated timeline.


Zaphod Group Buy Is Live!

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